Poll: Theme of the site
King Theodore2021-03-04 11:02:34
Hellooo everyone! Just a quick poll. Especially for those of you not yet in our discord channel. Should we change the theme of the site? We're thinking of scrapping the monarchies and going with more of an open world theme. More TVD/TO sort of vibe. Any questions feel free to message myself, Ellery or Isabella. Cheers, lads!
Yes (13 - 56.5%)
No (10 - 43.5%)

King Theodore2021-02-08 09:34:28
Hello, everyone! Welcome to Monarchy Mayhem! We hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions feel free to petition in or message a staff member directly, we're happy to help. There isn't a place for the lore of our site due to the fact we want you to create a story. Use your imagination! The theme is medieval fantasy - do with that what you will!

Another way to get to know everyone is by joining our Discord channel - https://discord.gg/ZDUTTqu93h

Hope you all have fun and enjoy your time here!

- King Theodore

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