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General questions

Q1. What is the purpose of this game?
The purpose of the game is to Roleplay, and to slay the dragon.

Q2. Where do I find the green dragon?
The dragon can be found once you reach level 15. Try searching for the dragon first in your hometown (located on in your stats on the right), if that doesn't work, take to searching the realms in a hunt to find it.

Q3. How do I increase my level?
By gaining experience! Heading into the forest is a quick and easy way to gain experience, but there are a few other ways as well.

Q4. I have the experience, what now?
Is your experience bar blue? Great! You can now challenge your master. Just head out of the forest and check your hometown.
Did you know that we have an even easier way though? Just head over into your preferences and turn on the Fight Master Training feature and you'll automatically level up once you've gained the experience in the forest.

Q5. Why can't I beat my master?
Did you check with your master and ask if you have the experience? Do you have proper equipment? Maybe you just need to give yourself a boost in attack? There's many ways to succeed in fighting your master.

Q6. I've used up all my turns. How do I acquire more?
The most common way is to obtain a new day. They're relatively short and won't make you wait long. If you're looking for other ways, afraid you'll have to find those out on your own.

Q7. Somethings gone wrong! How do I let staff know?
Send in a petition describing the problem. If you simply say "I'm broke" or "I can't move". Staff need a bit more information to properly assist you with the problem. So please send in as much information as you can. Staff will try their best to quickly get to them, but in the meantime, be patient. It might take awhile.

Q8. How do I use emotes?
Great question! Did you know that Isabella hates when people don't use proper emotes or makes incorrect uses of asterisks? Now you do. ;)
To properly use them, type :, ::, or /me before you type.

Q9. What's an emote?
Peasant Malik walks into the village.
That's an emote. It's when you as a player have your character do an action rather than simply just speaking.

Q10. How do I get colours in my name?
In order to have your name or title coloured, you must have the Donator Points. Title's cost 500 DP's and name colourising cost 1,000 DP's. The equivalent of $5 and $10. After that, or for alts, you'll have to obtain Donator Points in order to change your own colours.

Q11. How do I obtain Donator Points?
You can obtain DP's by donating to the Site Admin. Another way is to wait for an event that comes up offering DP's as a prize.

Q12. Can we use chatspeak?
No! For the love of the Gods, use full words and grammar. Please! These are not words; u, r, ur, cya, k, etc. In fact, use too much of them and you might even find yourself muted.

Q13. What's with the <Clan> things I see in front of people's names?
They signify which clans that character has chosen to align themselves too. Clans can help give boosts if your leveling in the forest, or maybe you just wanna be apart of the popular kids club so you joined one of the top clans. There's no way to know why they're in that clan.

Q14. I'm confused! What's going on in the realm?
There's so many people so there can be several conversations happening at once in any given area. Don't be shy, join in! Just keep in mind, that a thing to understand is that sometimes someone isn't paying attention or they've stepped away, so don't get upset if they don't respond or missed what you've said to them.

Q15. Are stat transfers allowed?
Nope. MM does not currently offer stat transfers.

Q16. I had a character but it expired. Can it be restored?
Sure! If the account is less than a year old, simply petition in or message a staffer to see if the account can be restored and they'll help you out.

Q17. The Werewolf Race doesn't show up in the race selection. Where can I find it?

This particular race is obtain by a event trigger found in the forest. To become a werewolf, you need to be a human encountering the moon event while making your way through the woods.
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