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(Warning, the FAQs below might contain some spoilers, so if you really want to discover things on your own, you'd be better off not reading too far. This is not a manual. It's a self-help pamphlet.)

Q1. What are gems for?
Gems are used for things like buying pets, mounts, and forging. They have many uses within Monarchy Mayhem, I even hear that the bartender is something of a gemologist and is always up for some bargaining.

Q2. How do you get gems?
The most common way to earn gems are simply by BKing. You might also be lucky enough to come across a few gems on your way to leveling. The Lost Ruins are another way to earn gems, but might leave you feeling cursed.
If none of those are to your liking, and you simply don't wanna participate in that portion of the game, pay attention to the calendar and see what events are being hosted. Perhaps gold and gems are one of the prizes?

Q3. Why do others seem to have so many hitpoints at a low level?
There's multiple reasons. Maybe they took a trip to visit the bartender, or they ran into a few encounters that made them stronger. Don't worry, you'll be get there too.

Q4. Why do people have different titles?
Different titles signify the different ranks of BK's people have. If you kill the dragon enough times, you get new titles. You can check the Hall of Fame for hints to your next title.
Do they have colourised titles? They've earned enough DP's!

Q5. What is a buff?
A buff is something that can cause a temporary positive or negative reaction to your stats. Check to see if there's a different in your strength and defense? Notice something different? We thought so.

Q6. What is the point of charm?
Charm is needed in order to woo the person of your affections. Maybe you wanna try a visit to the inn or someone has captured your attention. In order to flirt with them you need a decent amount of Charm to make that possible.

Q7. How do I check my charm?
Ask a friend, or go into your preferences and select to display your charm. It'll appear on the right in your stats under Personal Info.

Q8. Who is in charge?
Great question! Do you see the people with the pretty symbols in front of their name? They're in charge! You can also find out by visiting the Staff List.

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