Reigning Members

NameSex Description Online
King Theodore Male King of Alynthia
- House of Alwyn

People in Power

NameSex Description Online
Honey & Rose: Katya Female Lady of Dallaria
- House of Darke
Duchess Ellery Female Duchess of Elysian
- House of Duras

RPGLink Staff Coders

NameSex Description Online
HunterD Male 31337 Coder No

represents the King of Alynthia.
represents the Queen of Ravaryn.
Admin represents the Prince of Alynthia.
Admin represents the Lady of Dallaria.
Mod represents the Duchess of Elysian.
represents a coder.

Quote:  Queen Isabella says, "You heard it everyone, William's paying his new bride to remain married to him."
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